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Andriod App Development Training


Android is by far the most popular and used mobile operating system in the world. As we all know, it is completely open source and owned by Google which promises a vibrant developer community. In today's scenario, knowing how to develop an Android app is one of the most essential skills one can have. However, the lack of proper Android coaching classes is the reason most of the students find it difficult to make a career in it.

SecRoot is a security training and service provider in Mumbai which also offers courses in Android app development. If you are looking for a state of the art Android training institute in Mumbai, there is no better place than SecRoot. With skilful and highly knowledgeable app developers working in the faculty to teach you, developing an app will be easier than you think. The course is divided into proper segments that ensure proper training with more hands on experience. We believe that only by actually developing an Android app, a student will learn the roots of it. Thus, there is a mandatory project every student needs to carry out in order to successfully complete the Android app development course.

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone and 80% of the smartphone market share is occupied by Android. There are more than 2.2 million apps in the Google Play Store and it is increasing at a startling rate. Thus, you can easily decipher the demand Android app developers have in the market. Once you know how to develop an app, you can bring your ideas into realities and create an app for whatever you think might be the next big thing. Moreover, having this skill guarantees you a successful career ahead in some of the best companies in the world.

Being the best Android app development institute in Mumbai, we know the drills needed to hone your skills and give you the knowledge you need to develop a top notch app. Choose SecRoot to give your career a much needed boost and be up to date with the latest trends in the ever changing IT sector.

Course Outline

Each of the below module contains sub-topics, for complete details contact us.
1. Basics of C/C+
2. Core Java
3. Introduction to Android
4. Android Architecture Overview
5. Set-up of Android Development Environment
6. Creating Applications and Activities
7. Creating User Interfaces
8. Activities, Intents & Intent Filters
9. Database and Content Providers
10. Android Application Deployment
11. Basic Cyber Defense