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About Us

Who Are We

In a world where a breach of security and privacy is such a huge concern, knowing how to be secure is a great asset to have. Thus, to teach the layman about the know how and expertise of security, SecRoot was formed in the year 2014 with its head office in Mumbai. We are completely focused on creating a secure web experience for as many people as we can through our services and training. Information Technology runs at the core of everything that we do and it shall always remain so.

We provide everything from Consulting Technology Services for Training in various courses and VAPT services among others. Businesses are depending upon the potential of the web to gain clients but a single vulnerability can lead to huge losses in both, goodwill and fortune. Thus, we expertise in advanced vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, mobile application testing and even security auditing for organizations of all sizes. Many companies face cyber crime issues every now and then, to tackle such problems we perform the best possible cyber crime investigation to know the culprit and act on it.

All the methodologies that we use are both, manually as well as automatically tested to ensure that the results are accurate without any false representations. We have experts in every domain we cater to and always make sure that the results are satisfactory to our clients. The use of advanced technologies and security trends help us serve our portfolio companies with higher expertise.

We believe that knowledge shall not only be used to help others, but it should be shared so that more people become knowledgeable and help many more. For this same purpose, we train people in the form of courses in Ethical hacking, Penetration testing, Security audit, Computer forensics and Cyber Defense. Such training is necessary for people wanting to make a fruitful career in the IT sector. To help youngsters learn more about cyber crime and ethical hacking, we organize seminars and workshops at corporations and colleges too. Even government organizations and other companies seek valuable knowledge and insights from our training and workshops.

Why SecRoot

1. We are up to date with the latest as well as the most harmful security vulnerabilities that affect most organizations.
2. We take deadlines seriously and make every effort to complete the given work well before time.
3. We follow a structured methodology in all our services which is a combination of manual as well as automated techniques which negate the possibility of any error occurrence.
4. We have worked with top notch clients and handled their security concerns in the most professional way so you can trust us for doing a good job with your firm too.